Astillero is the media and journalism blog of Carlos Alonso. Here you can find analysis, trends, discussion and commentary regarding the current state of journalism, the media business and other related topics.

This blog had other shapes and focus on the past:

Astillero Mk 1 (2006)
Astillero was born as a netlabel. We had a DIY approach, and wanted to release music, zines, movies and anything that could be digitally distributed, everything in free formats, like ogg. We published three releases, two EPs and a poetry / photography zine, all done by me.

Astillero Mk 2 (2006-2007)
The netlabel ended as too personal a project to be a publishing platform for others. The original idea was discarded, but I later created a small publishing house, Crazy Little Things, focused on physical books. Astillero remained as a personal blog.

Astillero Mk 3 (2007-2009)
The blog continued to shift its focus to reflect my current interests and research. Besides personal posts I started writing about journalism, media, activism and DIY initiatives. Art and open culture and privacy issues were also featured. Around this time I also co-founded Por Tu Seguridad, a short-lived collective around privacy and transparency.

Astillero Mk 4 (2009-present)
The blog currently focuses exclusively on media and journalism.

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